Do You Know Where Are Sperry Shoes Made? (Answered!)

Sperry (main website link) is an iconic American shoe brand founded in the 1930s. Paul Sperry, a sailor at heart, started this company with the infamous boat shoes. 

The boat shoes you see on today’s market are all variations of the original made by Sperry almost a century ago. 

Sperry shoes are very comfortable to wear as they are handcrafted with precision. The brand uses 100% authentic leather and other high-quality materials to build each pair of its shoes. 

Where Are Sperry Shoes Made

Currently, Sperry has over 40 outlets in the United States. They have a large collection of shoes for men, women, and kids. 

Given their long history with the United States, we were curious as to where Sperry shoes are made. 

In this blog, we will reveal where are Sperry shoes made, if they are worth the money, and most importantly, if you should get a pair of Sperrys or not. 

Let’s get started. 

Where Are Sperry Shoes Made? 

Sperry shoes are designed and manufactured in Maine, USA. Even the leather and other materials are sourced from the United States.  

Sperry joined forces with the family-run Highland Shoe Company in Brewer, Maine. They began producing their shoes in Maine after the partnership.

How Are Sperry Shoes Made?

Sperry shoes are fully handcrafted. You can watch this video made by Insider on how Sperry shoes are made in the factory. 

How Does Sperry’s Shoe Warranty Work?

There is no warranty with Sperry shoes. However, in the case of defective merchandise, the brand offers a 30-day refund policy. 

You can either exchange the shoes or get a full refund for your payment. If you proceed to a refund, a $5 bill would be deducted as the primary shipping fee for the shoes. 

Are Sperry Shoes run big or True to Size?

When shoes are described as being “true to size,” it means that they are sized in accordance with industry standards. In the US, shoemakers use the Brannock Device to measure the true size of shoes. 

From our investigation, we have found that Sperry’s boat shoes are true to size. They use the Brannock Device to measure and design the shoes. 

Sperry has mastered handcrafting shoes and is now skilled at making shoes that fit perfectly. 

Handy Hints: You can read this guide on how to size Sperry boat shoes.  You can also find more about the sizes of Sperry shoes here

Are Sperry Shoes Any Good? 5 Reasons to Buy One

Yes, Sperry shoes are good and worth the money. Here are the top five reasons why one should get a pair of Sperry shoes: 


Sperry uses high-quality leather and other materials to make the shoes. Moreover, each pair of shoes are handstitched by expert artisans from Maine, US. 

During our research for this blog, we stumbled upon a review of Sperry shoes on Amazon where the reviewer wore his pair of Sperrys for three decades! Yes, one shoe for THREE DECADES! Although it’s not advised, it proves how durable Sperry shoes are. 


Sperry boat shoes easily go with a casual outfit. You can match the shoes with your jeans and shorts. You can wear the shoes to run errands, take your dog walking, or when going out with your friends.


It’s really useful and handy to have a versatile shoe such as the Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe in your closet. You can put on the shoes when you are in a rush, or you can also dress them up a bit according to the occasion. 


Sperry shoes are highly comfortable due to their high-quality materials and handcrafted designs. Moreover, as they are mostly true to the design, they fit perfectly for most people. The inners of the shoes have soft insoles and padding and feel like a perfect fit when you put them on. 


One of the key selling points of Sperry shoes is their pricing. Although the shoes are completely made in the US and with high-quality leather, they are priced quite reasonably in our opinion. 

The Top Three Boat Shoes Available on the Market

The Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe was the first, and it continues to be one of the best boat shoes on the market. 

Now, let’s look at some of the other brands that provide similar or better boat shoes. 

Florsheim Boat Shoes

Florsheim boat shoes are complete winners for both utility and appearance. Not only do these boat shoes have a clean, timeless appearance, but they also have excellent breathability, which helps you stay cool. Furthermore, they are also inexpensive.


Toms are primarily known for their slip-on shoes. The Shade Heritage Canvas Dorado Boat Shoes from Toms follow their signature design. These shoes are highly versatile, comfortable, and easy to style. 

Spinnaker Boat Shoes

You don’t need any more convincing that boat shoes can be stylish—just look at these beauties. This shoe has a chic design with a sophistical touch to it. You can easily pair them with black or blue jeans and get rolling.

FAQ about Do You Know Where Are Sperry Shoes Made

Now you know where are Sperry shoes made and other important information about the brand. 

Here, we will look at a few more short questions that might be lingering in your mind.

Is Sperry an American company?

Yes, Sperry is an American company founded in 1935 by Paul Sperry. 

Who owns Sperry shoes?

Wolverine Worldwide, and Saucony UK, INC. are the parent companies of Sperry shoes. 

Where are Sperry deck shoes made?

Sperry deck shoes are made in Maine, the US.

Are Sperrys made of real leather?

Yes, Sperry shoes are made of real leather, outsourced from the United States.

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