Where are Balenciaga shoes made? (Explained!)

Balenciaga shoes are usually costly. But as you know, shoes become expensive because of their materials, and when the materials are good, the service must be incredible, isn’t it?. But it is a foolish thing to buy an expensive pair of shoes without knowing their manufacturer.

I’m a crazy Balenciaga shoe lover. Although they are expensive, it doesn’t bother me because this much price is nothing compared to their service.

So the question I face often is where are Balenciaga shoes made?

Previously Balenciaga shoes were made only in Italy, but now they moved to China. And manufacture from there. France also produced these shoes.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • How to Clean Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers? 2 method
  • Can I put Balenciaga shoes in the washing machine?
  • What are the alternatives of  Balenciaga?
  • Do you wear socks with Balenciaga sneakers?
  • How to spot the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer
  • FAQs
Where are Balenciaga shoes made

Where are Balenciaga shoes made?

Balenciaga is one of the luxury brands in the world. They promise the best quality, well construction, and fantastic leg support. Balenciaga shoes are mainly Italian products, but now it has apparently moved the manufacturing procedure to china.

Recently their shoes have erased the tag “Italy’s product” from the shoe’s sole and added the tag”China product” underneath the tongue. Some of their shoes are produced in France also.

How to Clean Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers? (2 easy method)

As I said before, Balenciaga is a luxury shoe and a little expensive. So they need proper take care, and cleansing is the most important thing for a shoe. So whenever you clean them, be careful always.

1. Cleaning with a soap cleaning solution:

Materials required:

  • A collapsible bowl
  • Necessary water
  • Cleaning solution


  • At first,remove the shoelaces from the shoe.
  • And next, take a collapsible bowl, put some necessary water,then add some cleaning solution in it (two squirts). The cleansing solution should be a mild soap cleanser. Now mix them, and your solution is ready.
  • Now take a soft brush or a piece of cotton cloth. Dip this cloth or brush in the solution. Then rub it in a circular motion on your shoe. But don’t pressurize it too much, or you will end up damaging the shoe. Clean the upper portion of the shoe strictly, don’t hit the midsole; there is no need for it.
  • Once the dirt of your shoe is removed, wash it with normal water and let them air-dry overnight.

2. Cleaning with a vinegar solution:

A vinegar solution is not suitable for deep cleansing. So whenever your shoes need a deep cleansing, using vinegar solution won’t be a good choice. But as for mild cleansing, it is totally okay. Vinegar is an excellent natural antiseptic and will help eliminate any bacteria and odor from your shoes.

Materials required:

  • Water ( ½ of the total solution)
  • White vinegar (rest ½ of the solution)
  • Baking soda (optional)


  • Mix water and white vinegar into a 1:1 ratio, and your solution is prepared.
  • Now take this mixture in a spray bottle, spray it on your shoes’ insoles and lining, and let them air dry. But if your shoes smell bad, then soak them for some hours in the mixture. After that, add some baking soda to them and leave for overnight.
  • Another way is to take baking soda (a few teaspoons) in a malleable bag, then put the insoles into the bag and let it be overnight. Your shoes will be super clean in this way.

Can I put Balenciaga shoes in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put your Balenciaga in the washing machine. But the thing you need to remember is, don’t use too much soap and always use the liquid soap. Finally, and most importantly, whenever you put your shoe in the washing machine, don’t forget to use the lowest volume. High speed can damage your shoe.

But I recommend, don’t put your shoes in the washing machine. However, every washing machine has a particular option for washing shoes. But it doesn’t ensure safety. So, your shoe can damage. As Balenciaga shoes are costly, taking risks won’t be a good choice.

And also, most of the Balenciaga shoes are heavy so that they can break your washing machine. Mind it!

What are the alternatives of  Balenciaga?

There are some shoes that you can take as the alternatives of Balenciaga. Although, every shoe and its brands are different from each other in some particular way. But I found these shoes quite similar in service to the Balenciaga. So let’s see:

  1. ASH Trainers.
  2. Adidas Yung one.
  3. Public Desire.
  4. Nike Air Max -95 Trainers.
  5. Puma Thunder -Rive Trainers.

Do you wear socks with Balenciaga sneakers?

Balenciaga sneakers provide minimal hold, and you will never slip inside them. The Speed sneakers of Balenciaga fit tightly in your feet, just like the best pairs of socks. So you usually can wear socks with them, but if not then there is no problem.

But as for me, I never wear Balenciaga sneakers without shocks. Actually, I don’t feel comfortable wearing any sneakers without socks.

How to spot the fake Balenciaga Speed Trainer? (7 things to check)

There are so many fake Balenciaga speed trainers in the market, so it is very challenging to find the real one. But don’t worry! I will guide you step by step to choose the real one undoubtedly. So let’s see:

Step 1: Check the side letter “BALENCIAGA” carefully.

The font of the fake Balenciaga Speed-Trainer is thinner and higher (tall)  than the real one. And the letter “BALENCIAGA” looks too bent and arched, whereas the text of a real Balenciaga Speed Trainer looks straighter.

Step 2: Check the heel bump

The fake pairs don’t have heel bumps, but the real one has curve heel bumps and midsole.

Step 3:Verify the heel text

The text of the fake Balenciaga Speed-Trainer on the heel is not deep enough and less fit, but the real one has a profound text which is more fitted.

Step 4: Check the structure

The materials of the face one are thinner with a weak structure which is a looser build. However, they are not curved and detailed enough, so they look like a banana. But the real one is detailed, quality materials and well build.

Step 5: look at the stitching

The real one has deep stitching and quality work, but the fake one has a light stretching with the worst quality.

Step 7: analyze the sole text

The text of the fake Balenciaga Speed-Trainer is thinner than the real one and not deep enough.

FAQ about Where are Balenciaga shoes made

Why are Balenciaga shoes so heavy?

Balenciaga shoes are made with quality materials, and their rubber triple midsoles are too good. And they use straighter material on the top. So usually these shoes are heavy—these shoes weigh around 2 kg each.

What material are Balenciaga shoes?

Balenciaga shoes are made with  80% Polyamide material and 20% Elastane.

Our verdict on Where are Balenciaga shoes made

Balenciaga shoes are only made in Italy, but now China also produces these shoes. So there is an old saying, a good pair of shoes show a good path.

So buy a good product without wasting your money on a cheap thing and stay happy.

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