What does PS mean in shoes? (Quick Answer!)

Wearing shoes means welcoming comfort to your doorstep. But this level of comfortability highly depends on the sizing as well.

So to say, if you choose much baggier footwear compared to your frame, despite getting comfort, you won’t like to wear them in the first place.

Again, for over-snugged and tighter fittings, your foot may swell or suffer from unusual pains.

Therefore, to meet the demand of all those different feet sizes in the market, tons of shoe sizing varieties emerged. As a result, opportunities become more to answer people’s questions like, what does PS mean in shoes?

PS refers to the preschool shoe sizing that is generally referred to for the kids. That doesn’t mean that this size is applicable for kids of all ages. For small kids ranging from 4 to 8 years, preschool size is recommended only for them with a pretty good range of sizes.

Today we are going to discuss more the child’s section of shoe sizing.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • What is the difference between GS and PS?
  • What is Nike PS size?
  • What does PS mean in Jordan’s?
  • What does C mean in shoes?
  • Is 7Y a grade school size?
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What does PS mean in shoes

what does ps in shoes stand for?

The complete form of PS stands for preschool. There always remains a reason behind the naming of anything. This also implies preschool shoe sizing. That is to say; this sizing is significantly related to its name.

The term preschool is generally applicable for a time-specific period. That is when a child is not old enough to go to school for the first time.

And, the shoe sizing of the kids of that period is known as the PS sizes. Now, you can’t consider the PS as the universal shoe size of all those kids in this world. This means this size is not applicable for all kids between 1-12 years old.

The average age for the kids for their first preschool is between 4-5 years. So, the easiest way to also go for the preschool shoe size starts from this age. But, that doesn’t mean that the PS size is only limited within this range. Preschool size is extended to a slight further ranging from the age of 4-8 years.

This is for general consideration, which also applies that only the kids within this range can go for the PS sizing. There also remains various exception which includes multiple physical and structural difference between the kids.

In easy words, a three years old kid who has high growth can also go for a PS size. But, at the same time, a kid of 5 years with comparatively lesser growth may not suit even the lowest PS shoe sizing.

What is the difference between GS and PS?

GS refers to Grade school six, whereas PS indicates preschool sizing, respectively.

If you consider by number, you can see a significant difference between these two terms. But, if you only tell them by category, both of them fall under the same criteria, which indicates the kids’ sizing.

But, for your kind information, there can’t be any confusion to understand that all kids are not the same due to age differences and physical appearance. People won’t hesitate to call years old as a kid and a 12-year-old with the same, which doesn’t ever mean that you can also treat them similarly.

The most outstanding example of that can be the shoe sizes. This indicates that a 1 years old shoe size is never the same as the 12 years big kid. So, for different stages, there remains various sizing to suit them the best.

And, for the same purpose, GS and PS exist. For smaller kids, PS is suitable, whereas GS stands for the big kids. Again, the age between 4-8 years is addressed as small kids. Whereas the 8-12 years old kids are termed as big kids, they remain no longer as kids. This further means that, after age 12, kids are termed as youths for which different sizes exist.

Big kids are generally found in grade schools. For this very same purpose, the naming of the shoe sizing is also done. Us sizing of the shoe refers to 1Y to 7Y, which is the range of sizes of the kids. After 7Y, the adult size starts.

The GS size refers to 3.5Y-7Y, which is on the higher-most sides of the kids sizing.So yes, GS sizing holds a pretty wide range of sizes that suit all grade school students.

The heel-to-toe length of GS size from 3.5Y-4.5Y is 8 inches longer. From 5Y-7Y, the length is 8 inches longer.

What is Nike PS size?

Again, PS size can also vary depending on brand to brand. That is also applicable in Nike shoes, where the PS indicates their specific sizing range.

The Nike PS size includes for US, UK, EUR, and also in CM. The Us size is undeniable in the PS sizing range, which represents from 10.5C to 3Y. 10.5C is the lowest US PS range, whereas the 3Y is on an enormous scale.

From 10.5C to 13.5C, kids of 4-6 years will easily find one that suits them the best. Again, 1Y to 3Y is for kids of age 6-8 years old.

For UK sizing, Nike includes 10-2.5, which is a difference of .5 from the US sizing.

Nike brings EUR sizes ranging from 27.5 to 35, which is considered the PS ideal shoe sizing.

In CM, the Nike PS size varies from 16.5 to 22, respectively.

What does PS mean in Jordan’s?

PS in Jordan doesn’t mean anything special. That is to say, they are all the same, just as the general PS sizing for Nikes and other shoe sizes.

That is to imply; the standard Jordan PS size is from 10.5 to 3Y.

10.5s indicates 6 ½ inches, 11s indicates 6 5/8 inch, 11.5s is 6 7/8 inches, 12s-1.5y represents 7 inches, and 2Y-3Y represents 8 inches ranges, respectively.

The only thing that differs with the Jordan is the Grade school sizing. The average grade school size starts from where PS ends. And that is from 3.5Y to 7 Y. But the exception for Jordans is that this extends to 10.5Y.

What does C mean in shoes?

C in shoes generally means child. That is to say, the sizing of the children is represented by the C. This is usually seen from the sizing of infants to the preschool. Therefore, all those categories that fall in between these two are regarded as C.

After preschool, C is no longer seen because of the arrival of Y, which represents the youth. Even in preschool sizing, Y is seen after the 13.5C.

This means that 13.5 c is the highest end of this category, after which youths start to dominate.

Is 7Y the same as sevenmen’s?

Yes, but with some fundamental differences. 7Y sizing, which is for the youths, is the same as the seven men’s or adults’ size and the nine women’s sizing.

But, some of the differences are that, despite being similar in size, seven men’s sizes are made for adult foot shape and structure. But, at the same time, the 7Y size is for the young feet. So if you are someone who has grown up enough but wants to go for the 7Y size, then you should think twice.

Is 7Y a grade school size?

Yes! 7Y is a GS or grade school size which is mainly suitable for the bigger kids and youths. 7Y is the largest available grade school size for Nike shoes, preferred for bigger kids with larger feet.

But, in Jordans, 7Y is not the biggest one as there are way more to go. The largest GPS Jordans size is 10.5Y which tells you that 7Y is an ideal mid-size to go that may suit most grade school, kids.

FAQ about What does PS mean in shoes

What size is a women’s 9 in grade school?

A women’s nine sizes are the 7.5Y grade school size for Jordan shoes. Remember, only in Jordan’s, the grade school sizing is further extended to 10.5Y. In the case of general grade school sizing, the range is limited to 7Y size.

Can I wear kid-size shoes?

Yes! If you have tiny feet, then you can go for kid-size shoes. But wearing kid-size shoes is generally more of a conversion, which means converting your women’s size into grade school size. In this way, you can wear kid-size shoes, but that doesn’t mean that preschool or toddler size will also fit you right.

Our verdict on What does PS mean in shoes

Now you know what the meaning of PS in shoes is. Simply it means Preschool. But, the size doesn’t limit to preschool-going children.

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