How to make shoes non slip for work? (5 Proven steps)

Have you ever slipped on a rainy day? Yes, almost everyone has faced it.

Me too.

This was because of my smooth-bottom shoes. Today I will share some great tips and hacks for those who don’t want to face this issue anymore.

The primary question is how to make shoes nonslip for work.

If you want to make the shoes non-slip, you have to make the shoe’s sole uneven. Some methods can be used for this.

How to make shoes non slip for work

How To Make Shoes Non-Slip For Work? (5 ideas that work)

Whether your shoe will have slip resistance will depend on the shape of the bottom of your shoe and the smoothness of the plane you are walking on.

As a result of using the shoes for a long time, the slip resistance of the shoes gradually decreases. In that case, if you don’t want to buy shoes or are unable to, then I will give you some great ideas. So let’s find out.

  • Idea 1: Rub the bottom of the shoe with sandpaper. This will make the soles of the shoes uneven, so the shoes will be slip-resistant.
  • Idea 2: You can use hair spray on the shoe’s bottom. It will create a sticky condition when you walk. As a result, the shoe will not slip.
  • Idea 3:Make a dot with hot rubber glue on the shoe’s bottom. It will create an uneven surface while walking. As a result, there will be no fear of slipping shoes.
  • Idea 4:You must-have nail files at home. Like sandpaper, you can rub the shoe’s bottom with a nail file to make the shoe slip-resistant. It also works great.
  • Idea 5: You can also use hair spray to make the shoe bottom more adhesive. Yeah, it works!

Can I spray something on my shoes to make them non-slip?

A type of spray is available in the market to reduce shoe polish. That is called traction spray or grip spray. Although it costs a little more, it makes the shoe slip-resistant.

You can also use hair spray on the soles of your shoes. It works the same way because hair spray is a little sticky. But yes, it will not last long in a wet environment. Then this spray will have to be reused.

Lastly, keep in mind that you should not use any adhesive spray that may harm your shoe material.

What material makes shoes nonslip?

The main feature of non-slip shoes is that their bottoms are adhesive. Because they are sticky, they have a good grip so that the shoe does not slip. In this case, we can say that shoes with a rubber soles will not slip.

As we all know, rubber is a kind of glue. So if you look at a non-slip shoe, you will notice that it has a rubber sole.

However, not all rubber soles exhibit slip resistance in damp areas. Only the EVA rubber outsole exhibits non-slip properties on all smooth surfaces. Even in places where oil spills.

Are Converse shoe slip-resistant?

Oh yeah! Undoubtedly converses are great shoes and non-slip too. These shoes are so well known because of their gum rubber outsole. 

You will notice that the bottom of the outsole of this shoe has different designs. This is what makes an excellent grip on the surface. After all, Converse shoes are made for use on slippery surfaces. I hope you have no more doubts.

Are Vans shoes Non Slip?

Are Vans shoes Non Slip

Vans is a popular brand. Like Converse, it can be a great choice if you are looking for a slip-resistant shoe. The outsoles of the shoes of this brand are also made of rubber, and they are very light. 

Moreover, these shoes are much more stylish, and the weave of their yarns is more durable and flexible. Wearing these shoes, you can easily go to places with water or oil. You can also go to such a slippery kitchen. There is no chance of you slipping.

How can I make my shoes non-slip with hot glue?

You can make your shoe slip-resistant by using hot glue. This is the hack I mentioned earlier. Now I am writing in detail.

There is a type of gun on the market that heats various adhesive glue and makes it easier to apply.

  • Step 1:Take the shoe you want to make non-slip.
  • Step 2:Now, make a dot or line on the bottom of the shoe sole with hot glue and leave it to cool.
  • Step3:When the glue hardens, try wearing the shoe. It must be non-slip.

FAQ about How to make shoes non slip for work

Does Nike make non-slip work shoes?

Nike doesn’t make non-slip line shoes, but Nike’s shoes work like non-slip shoes. The soles of the Nike shoes have many grooves that create friction and prevent slipping.

Why are my non-slip shoes slipping?

As a result of using the shoe for a long time, the grooves on the shoe’s bottom gradually begin to disappear. As a result, the friction of the shoe with the ground decreases. That’s why your non-slip shoes are slipping. 

Are all Crocs slip-resistant?

No. All Crocs are not slipped resistant. However, you can search the Crocs website by clicking “Slip-resistant”. From there, you will get information about slip-resistant types of crocs.

Our verdict on How to make shoes non slip for work

Non-slip shoes are preferable for walking in various adverse environments. Those who like to wander or walk in the wild environment will buy non-slip shoes. If not, then you must apply the tips given by me.

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