How to shrink a bomber jacket? – (easily proven method)

Bomber jackets were design concerning the situations of fighter pilots because they stay in the cold cockpit and air. But with time, it has become popular among civilians also. For any weather, a bomber jacket will be the best choice.

I like hiking. And whenever I go hiking, I have to face different types of weather. Freezing weather. But only of for this I can’t give up on hiking, right? So I needed suitable outwear and fortunately I found bombers. As I was a skinny person before, I had to shrink these jackets many times back.

People ask me about How do you make a bomber jacket smaller? I thought it is essential, so why not share it with you.

You can shrink a bomber jacket with hot water and with the help of a cloth dryer. But in case the shrinkage is not satisfactory enough for you, then tailored it. And shrink it as much as you want.

How to shrink a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets come in different styles and materials such as leather, cotton, wool, silk, nylon, and polyester. But every material is not shrinkable. Approximately three years ago, I put my leather bomber jacket in the dryer, and it came out seriously damaged.

Now, I will tell you the shrinking process of a bomber jacket and eventually discuss which bombers can’t be shrinkable.

method #1 – Leather bomber jacket

I already told you that leather bombers couldn’t be shrunk. So don’t dear to put it in a dryer; otherwise, the result will be depressing, and you will regret it.

Polyester or Nylon jacket (Shrinking process- step by step)

  • First step: You can wash it with a machine
  • Second step: Wash it with hot water for about 45 minutes
  • Third step: Hang it with something to dry
  • Fourth step: If you feel that it didn’t shrink as you desired, then dry your jacket in a machine for about 15 minutes at a medium temperature
  • Fifth step: Still not satisfied? Then take a large pot with water, put the jacket in it, and set it on the stove. Then boil it for 5-6 minutes and dry it.
  • Sixth step: if you feel that it still needs to shrink, then tailor it

method #2 – Cotton bomber jacket

  • First step: You can wash it with a machine or hand.
  • Second step: Hang it for dry
  • Third step: Didn’t shrink enough? Then tailor it

How do you care for a leather bomber jacket?

To assure that your valuable leather bomber jacket stays safe, supple, soft, and clean, you need to take care of it strictly. And for taking care, the first thing you should do is, read the manufacturer’s instructions. There will be some specific taking care instructions for you to follow.

There are also some guidelines for taking care of your leather bomber jacket. So, let me share those with you.

  • Keeping the jacket dry: Don’t wear your leather bomber jacket in the rainy season. In case it gets wet, then hang it with something and dry it immediately.
  • Hang the jacket correctly: Avoid leaving it folded for a long time because it will crack your jacket. Instead, hang it widely in a ventilated place. Avoid sunlight because it will make your jacket discolored soon.
  • Avoid the heat: Heat will make your jacket crack and hard. So it would be best if you avoided the heat. Second, and most importantly, never iron your jacket yourself.
  • Use a quality leather conditioner: Leathers will generally lose their moisture with time, but using a quality leather conditioner on your leather bomber can enhance its life.
  • Avoid home cleaning: If you are not a washing expert, don’t dare to clean your jacket yourself. Some people can say that you can wash your jacket in a washing machine, but I recommend not doing it. Or you will damage your jacket.
  • Stay anonymous: Avoid putting sticky things on your leather bomber jacket. Because it’ll take some of the fabric with it at the time of peeling or leaving a mark.

How can I shrink a dry-clean-only jacket?

A “dry-clean-only” jacket can’t shrink easily because dry cleaners can’t shrink the jacket. But if you wash it with water, then it probably shrinks a little. But if you can shrink it more, then tailoring it will be the best choice for you.

How do you wash a polyester bomber jacket?

Polyester jackets are perfect for winter. The pilots and fighters often wear these jackets for the cold cockpit and air. And also most wanted because its washing process is not that hard. You can wash it with your hands and machine both.

Want to know the washing process? Here are the guidelines for you.

Machine-wash guideline: Avoid mixing your polyester bomber jacket with other clothes when washing it. Put a little amount of detergent in the machine ( as instructed)Use normal water. After washing,  hang it for air dry
Hand-wash guideline: Put a little amount of detergent in the sink ( as instructed)Use normal water. Wash it by scrubbing and wringing with your hands. Wash with normal water Hang it for air dry

Handy Hints: If you are interested to know more guides about jackets, visit our other article Does A Bomber Jacket Keep You Warm?

What Was A Bomber Jacket Used For? Original Bomber Jacket

The original bomber jackets were specially designed for heavy-duty fighter pilots, first during the First World War. Because they work and fight in open cockpits with cold temperatures, these jackets kept them (pilots) warm. The original bomber jacket was made with nylon, leather, and polyester with a Fur collar.

It was famous among the pilots at first, but now, all the civilians also love to wear it. So wearing a bomber jacket has become a trend now.

How to shrink a leather bomber jacket?

Leather jackets are very sensitive. If you let your jacket air dry then, it will not shrink. However, if you wash it with hot water or make it hot dry, it will shrink slightly. If it is too loose for you, and you need to shrink more, then I recommend tailoring.

There are some guidelines for shrinking a leather bomber jacket that I’ve given below for your shake.

  • Step 1: Make the pockets empty of the jacket and protect the buttons and the zippers to prevent fabric damage.
  • Step 2: your leather jacket in a laundry bag, then put it in the cleaning machine and keep it on a gentle cycle. If you notice any problem, then sock it in normal water.
  • Step 3: Hang it up for air drying. Don’t expect much shrinkage.
  • Step 4: Put the jacket in the dryer and keep it on low heat. Check it every 10 minutes and check the shrinkage. If the shrinkage fulfil your desire, then take it out.
  • Step 5: You can use the hairdryer for drying the jacket and keep the dryer on low heat. If you don’t have a clothes dryer. But this process will take a little longer.
  • Step 6: Apply a quality leather conditioner on your leather jacket. Leathers will generally lose their moisture with time, but using a quality leather conditioner will enhance its life.

Can you put a nylon jacket in the dryer?

You can put a nylon jacket in the dryer. Nylon jackets dry quickly. But remember to keep the dryer on a low cycle and Grab it out of the dryer soon because nylon can be seriously damaged if you left it inside the dryer for so long. 

Nylon can also build up the static cling, so ensure to dry it with the help of a dryer sheet to avoid zapping.

Are Bomber Jackets Waterproof?

Most bomber jackets are waterproof. But there are both waterproof and non-waterproof are available. So you can purchase whatever you want.

Waterproof means it will resist water to get inside, but some water can seep in. Nylon and polyester are water-resistant materials.

Can a bomber jacket be tailored?

Yes, the bomber jacket can be tailored. But it’s easier to make a bomber jacket smaller than to make it more prominent. But tailoring a leather bomber jacket is more complex than the others. So, you should care about size at the time of purchasing it.

Our verdict on How to shrink a bomber jacket

Now you know all about How to shrink a bomber jacket? So you can be able to shrink it quickly. But I would recommend purchasing a fit bomber jacket as your body shape, other than shrinking it. So, buy a fashionable jacket and stay cool.

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