do Levi’s jeans shrink after washing? – yes! [Explained]

As a fashion option, Levi’s jeans have been a top priority for many people. However, there have been instances where people showed genuine concerns over the shrinkage of jeans. Do Levi’s jeans shrink after washing?

All types of jeans do experience a bit of shrinkage after their first wash. You might not even notice it if you buy the right size. However, you mustn’t use hot water and a dryer on your jeans. These have a reputation for shrinking jeans.

And, if you’d like to know more, then you’re in luck as we’ve prepared it all in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s begin-

do Levi's jeans shrink after washing? - yes! [Explained]

Do Levi Jeans Shrink When You Wash Them?

Yes, Levi’s jeans shrink after you wash them. But why?

As the fabrics in the jeans turn wet, they weigh everything down. As a result, the fabrics stretch and shrink accordingly.

Even though you ensure the perfect fit while buying jeans for yourself, they can shrink easily after washing. It’s a normal phenomenon where jeans shrink for a little after you’ve washed them.

Other than that, the materials determine how much the jeans would shrink down. Here, the cotton shrinks the most when taken into account. As a matter of fact, cotton can shrink up to 20% in size.

So, when you’re buying jeans made of cotton, ensure that they aren’t too tight. Besides, cotton doesn’t provide much room for stretching. Hence, you won’t get much of an option.

If you’re going for comparison, then cotton blend shrinks a bit less than cotton. So, you’ll have to choose the materials and the size wisely when buying jeans for yourself.

To summarize, yes, Levi’s jeans do shrink after washing. So, you’ll need to ensure that you aren’t purchasing the jeans too tight. Otherwise, you won’t feel much comfortable after wearing them.

do jeans shrink when you wash them?

Yes, jeans shrink quite a bit after their first wash. However, many jeans are already pre-shrunk. These jeans don’t shrink much as they’re pre-shrunk.

Apart from this, jeans typically shrink 7-10% when you wash them for the first time. Here, denim jeans don’t shrink much. But, they maintain a percentage of a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10%.

That said, you can play some tricks-

If you’re trying to minimize the shrinkage, then you can easily implement some tricks. Firstly, you can reduce shrinkage using cold water and drying.

In the end, all of these calculations promote a single thing- give extra thought about the fit. When you’re purchasing jeans for yourself, don’t settle for the tight ones as they’ll get even tighter.

By washing the jeans, you’ll encounter minimum shrinkage that can cause a few additional problems. So, it’s crucial to give shrinkage a thought when buying jeans.

Do Levi’s 505s Shrink When Washed?

By now, we’ve already provided an idea about the shrinkage on the jeans. However, the question remains- do Levi’s 505s shrink? Well, Levi’s jeans have a reputation of shrinking after being washed.

But, there’s an issue here-

The 505s do shrink after washing. But, they can even expand when you wear them. Here, raw denim can expand and shrink at the same time.

A pro tip- never dry the denim inside a dryer. And, don’t wash them so frequently. As they have a reputation for shrinking after washing, it’s better to leave them as it is.

In the end, by taking proper care and following some tricks, you can easily minimize the shrinkage.

How Many Times Do Blue Jeans Shrink?

The blue jeans are similar to the traditional jeans you see around. Hence, they shrink as well after their first wash. Before beginning proceedings, let’s take a look at why shrinkage takes place in fabrics.

Firstly, spinning fibers are always under tension. When this tension is no more, washing causes the fabrics to get wet. You can also take this phenomenon as the “relaxation” of the fabrics.

Usually, the length of the fabrics relaxes. As the length relaxes, the fabric size starts to shrink. The main problem this causes is the inaccuracy of the fit.

When you’re buying clothes, you’ll need to ensure the perfect fit. However, the fit doesn’t remain the same as the shrinkage and stretch mess up with the length. Also, this causes the loosening of the fabric as well.

The wet fabric incorporates an added weight to the fibers. Here, the weight causes the fibers to stretch and shrink. This eventually leads to more shrinking of the material.

Thus, people wonder how many times can blue jeans shrink. Even though there’s no definite answer, about 3-5% shrinkage can happen on a pair of jeans.

On 30” jeans, around 1”- ¼ shrinking can happen in length. But, shrinking can vary over different brands and on different styles. So, the exact times can be calculated easily.

But, usually, shrinking doesn’t take place over 5%. Otherwise, that won’t be accepted.

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Do Jeans Shrink In The Dryer?

Yes, the dryer causes the jeans to shrink. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using high heat settings or just dry settings, using a dryer will cause shrinkage.

And it doesn’t stop here. If you tend to use warm water to wash jeans, you’ll need to stop right away. This is because hot water can cause jeans to shrink as well.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a dryer for your jeans. You’ll just have to make some adjustments while you’re at it. And, what’s that?

Well, go to the settings and press spin cycle extra. By doing this, you’ll command the washer to do an extra spin. This feature will get most of the water out of the jeans.

And, when you make the jeans enter the dryer, ensure that it’s on medium heat. By ensuring medium heat, you’ll be able to dry the jeans completely. But, it’s not better to leave the jeans in the dryer.

It seems that the more the jeans are in the dryer, the more it’ll shrink. Here, the best way of drying jeans is absolutely doing nothing.

The best practice is to hang them. Another pro tip would be to wash the jeans in cold water only. And, lay them flat for the drying process to take part automatically.

By ensuring these steps, you’ll be able to extend the color and life of the jeans. In the end, the jeans won’t fade quickly and will always have that shine.


That’s all we have for you today. Congratulations! You’ve finished reading a 1200-word article. And, now, we’re hopeful that you’ll know the answer to the question- do Levi’s jeans shrink after first washing?

But, before going away, we’d like to say that the shrinkage on Levi’s jeans can be minimized. In fact, we’ve provided some insights on how you can exactly do so.

Just remember to not get overboard on the dryer as it can promote shrinkage on the jeans. And, if you want to know more then comment below. We’ll love to answer your questions.

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