Do Birkenstocks run true to size or Small? (sizing guide)

What are “Birkenstocks”? They are extraordinarily comfy flats. Birkenstocks are beneficial to our feet in a variety of ways. It is also simple to put the shoes on and take them off.

Despite the shoes being a little pricey, they are well-known worldwide for their ease and stylish design. The German company’s original goal was to design shoes that supported and contoured the foot, as opposed to the flat soles that were common in many shoes at the time. Do Birkenstocks run true to size?

Birkenstocks, without a doubt, are true to size and have the potential to ultimately improve a person’s life as a result of their unique advantages.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • Should you size up or down in Birkenstocks?
  • Do Birkenstocks run in half sizes
  • Benefits of Birkenstocks
  • How do I know what size Birkenstocks to buy
  • Is there a big difference between narrow and regular Birkenstocks
  • Which Birkenstocks are best for wide feet
  • FAQ
Do Birkenstocks run true to size or Small

Should you size up or down in Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks should be worn properly to gain the maximum benefit from the sandals. We should all be aware of the Birkenstock shoe measurements we needed before regularly putting on the shoes for work or play.

The cushier structure of the inside sole of the sandal can enable the foot to grow slightly more than it would on a standard foot.

So, suppose an individual is nearing the top limit of measurement in conventional footwear. In that case, it may be worthwhile to consider stepping up one size in a soft footbed instead. But, on the other hand, choosing smaller-sized Birkenstocks can make the individual feel quite uncomfortable.

Do Birkenstocks run big or small?

No, Birkenstocks does not run in half sizes.

Maintaining the accuracy of the Birkenstocks’ measurements is essential for their good fit. Birkenstocks that are the proper measurement can be quite pleasant and helpful, but only if the right pair can be found to begin with.

Note: Birkenstocks now has their own sizing guide. Click here to check it out at ( link takes you to

What’s so great about Birkenstocks?

There are numerous reasons why Birkenstocks are so well-known throughout the world. Individuals who choose to wear Birkenstocks will reap a variety of benefits from this unique shoe. Some of them are listed in the next section.

  • Birkenstocks are straightforward shoes. That is, very simple.
  • Both comfy and fashionable.
  • Long-lasting shoes.
  • Excellent for nourishing the muscles and joints of the body.
  • Can assist in the recovery of numerous regular foot ailments.
  • Are suitable formen and women (unisex).

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How do I know what size Birkenstocks to buy?

Birkenstocks are available in several various sizes. For example, there are three sizes: EU size, UK size, and US size. Because the shoes are primarily produced in Europe, we must consult a comparison chart while ordering or buying.

Moreover, the comparison chart can be deceptive. However, still, a comparison chart is one of the best ways to understand the size.

A short and very easy guideline on calculating the length of the feet may be found on several websites, and it is easy to follow.

 Let us take a look at these guidelines for better understanding!

To measure accurately, we must:

  • The person needs to stand with his heels against the wall and then place a measuring tape under the feet.
  • Then he needs to calculate the size of the foot in millimeters before the longest toe and write it down.
  • Lastly, if there is a choice between two sizes, he needs to choose the bigger of the two. This is because feet are slightly bigger while under pressure.

Is there a big difference between narrow and regular Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock shoes are accessible in 2 width dimensions: “M,” which refers to moderate width, and “N,” which stands for lean width. “M” is the most common width size.

For people with a wider foot, an M sandal has the exact fit as a standard sandal; therefore, an “M” is the best option. An “N” sandal has a thinner fit, making it ideal for people with narrower feet. To give the finest possible comfort, they provide the original shoes in two widths: “regular” for average to strong feet and “narrow” for slender and much more lean feet.

For narrow fitting shoes, the foot must be fully filled in, and for regular fitting shoes, only an outline of the foot must be drawn on the foot. As a result, the variation between the narrow and regular sizes is insignificant, although the buyers may discern it.

Which Birkenstocks are best for wide feet?

People who have wide feet should choose a regular fit shoe. It is suggested that the person should use this width fitting if the person has a broader foot or desire a little extra space on his foot. “Regular Fit” shoe is by far the most popular size for men.

However, it is important to note that many of the most iconic Birkenstock styles are offered in both men’s and women’s sizes which is the greatest blessing for the customers. That is, the shoes are “unisex.”

In addition, the footwear’s bands allow for customized fit adjustment, resulting in an exceptionally high level of comfort for the people.

Note: Birkenstocks are widely regarded as one of the most comfortable and fashionable summer shoes.

FAQ about Do Birkenstocks run true to size or Small

Are Birkenstocks standard sizing?

Birkenstocks are normal-sized shoes.  The individual who will be purchasing the shoes must be aware of the actual fitting. The factory makes two different styles of shoes: narrow fitting and standard fitting. In this case, clients must pick between these two options based on the sizing chart that the company provides for them

Is it okay if my Birkenstocks are too big?

Birkenstock offers some of the best shoes on the market. To ensure that the shoes have a custom-made feel, the customer must determine their foot type’s suitable size and width. It is impossible to reap the shoe’s benefits if the customer wears it in a size that is either too large or too small.

To establish if the shoes are too large, he needs to calculate the distance between the toes and the front of the shoes, then measures the length by pressing the heel back into the heel cup; if the toes are not firmly gripped in the toe grip, the sandals are too big.

Our verdict on Do Birkenstocks run true to size or Small

Birkenstocks are a German brand of slippers that are well-known for the comfort of the shoes they produce. The company, which originated in the European Union, is today renowned throughout the world.

Furthermore, as it is a unisex sandal, many people prefer Birkenstock footwear above any other brand. The shoes are extremely fashionable, but they are also quite good for our feet, as the shoes assist us in getting rid of many common foot issues.

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