Best Spray Paint For Shoes (2021) – [Top 6 choice]

Do you feel bored wearing the same shoes? Maybe they are old and worn, would you like to revive them? If yes, then we have a solution here, just keep reading. We bring you the Best spray paint for shoes that you can get in the market.

Just get your favorite shoes, heels, sneakers, or boots colored the way you want. This will breathe new life into your shoes again. This will have a positive impact on you as well and you feel the vibe. So, what are you waiting for?

These are our top choice for spray paint for shoes.

  1. Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 (Best Choice)
  2. Magicfly Permanent Soft Fabric Paint Set (Amazon Choice)
  3. FolkArt Color, 10 Bottle Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set
  4. Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit
  5. Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint set

Best Spray Paint For Shoes

As promised we bring you the top spray paint for shoes in the market. We have reviewed them as we have used these on our own. We have also seen our friends and family do so too. We can pretty much vouch for them. Have a look.

1#. Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12

Is it just us or everyone else that loves to use the Angelus Leather Paint? We have no answers to that, but what we can tell you is that people like this set a lot. More than four to five thousand reviews per retailer website is not a matter of joke.

Paul T. Angelus was a Greek immigrant who landed on American soil a century ago to accomplish his American Dream. He started to shine shoes and today his company is a major brand that has shoe polishes to leather paint.

  • Type Of Paint – These are acrylic paints that are considered to be the best spray paint for leather as well. Yes, you heard us right that these can be used as spray paint or for air-brushing too. These are non-toxic colors that are available in different shades. Each jar consists of 1 ounce of paint.
  • Where To Apply – Can be applied on shoes (very good for athletic shoes), jackets, dresses, boots, and purses. You can also use it on running and canvas shoes for fun. Just let your creative juices flow through and transform otherwise plain looking accessories into lively a collection.
  • Quality – These paints are water-based, so they will not rub off, crack, fade, or peel by any chance. Rest assured, you will end up protecting your old shoes if you ever plan to spray paint them with these colors. They are made in America and dry up fast.

Both professionals and amateur artists use these colors to restore shoes and sneakers. Besides, they are regarded as the best paint for shoe soles. Why don’t join them too?

2#. Magicfly Permanent Soft Fabric Paint Set

Colors add positivity to our thoughts and mind. In the same way, the inventor of the Magicfly has concocted Chinese conventional mixing in these colors that can bring out the magic in you.

These are premium quality colors that do not need you to wait for extended hours. That is correct, these do not need any heat treatment and can dry up real fast. Additionally, this makes them beginner-friendly and these 14 shades are a great way to start.

  • Type Of Paint – These paints are semi-transparent that are to be used on natural and synthetic fabric. Most importantly, these colors are approved by ASTM EN71, which means they are non-toxic. This also suggests that they are safe to be used by humans and pose no threat to the environment
  • Where To Apply – These are versatile colors and you can use them on any surface you like. Use them on canvas shoes, T-shirts, jeans, any fabric of your choice, wood, wall, stone, and even glass.
  • Quality – These are high-quality acrylic paints that will not rub, or peel off at all. They have been designed for machine washable. Magicfly offers good services and easy returns for their products and that makes a lot of difference.

Yes, you can draw and paint on your DIY projects to infuse life into them. If you are a designer or a handicraft enthusiast, then all the more you may need these colors to transform your art. Why not give them a try?

3#. FolkArt Color, 10 Bottle Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint Set

Plaid has been around since 1976 and has been a pioneer in paints and crafts supplies. Their high-quality products have made a mark and philanthropic work has won hearts over. Be it, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, American Cancer Society, or more, they have been generous with their contributions.  

Today, we are about to discuss the FolkArt Color which is a 10 bottle set in this review. This collection looks very colorful and is a useful supply for people that are looking for the best paint for rubber shoes.

  • Type Of Paint – These colors are water-based and are non-toxic in nature. This makes them safe for human use. They are stylish and can be used with stencils, brushes, and other tools that will lend your artwork an elegant look. These have a contemporary look that is why they are preferred by modern artists, painters, and crafter all over.
  • Where To Apply – Look there are acrylic colors that can practically be used on canvas shoes, bags, glass, and more. That is right, it is a multi-surface paint and is very resourceful.
  • Quality – These colors are made in the USA and that certainly makes them genuine in any case. You can get them in satin, Color Shift, which adds metallic layers to your art, and chalk which is the matte finish.

Not to mention that you can use these for your personal projects. These paints have a mod look and can lend the same texture to your art piece. Why don’t you consider them for once?

4#. Angelus Leather Paint Basics Kit

If you are looking for the Best spray paint for shoes then you must try the Angelus Leather Paint one time. Angelus is a trustworthy company that has already proven itself. They have a successful track record and this leaves no room to even doubt them for a minute.

Angelus paint is the paint for shoes and more. People always fall for their charm and also their functionality. In this case, the set comes with brushes that you can utilize for your projects.

  • Type Of Paint – These are acrylic paints that are safe to use. This implies these paints are safe to be used by humans. You don’t have to worry about these as they come from a trusted name brand.
  • Where To Apply – You can paint leather shoes, canvas shoes, wallets, sofas, belts, bags, and dresses too. Yes, you can add a zing to your old furniture, pair of shoes, and old bags. The best part is you can treat Angelus paint as the best paint for rubber shoes also. This denotes you can become a restoration of your own. Doesn’t it give a kick by the feel of it?
  • Quality – Speaking of quality of a brand that has been around for more than 100 years seems to be out of our league. However, what we can say is that they last longer and do not crack, peel, or rub off. That definitely makes them reliable for your do-it-yourself projects.

We cannot ask you to invest in a certain color without knowing what is that you are about to paint. Nonetheless, if you want to paint shoes, then these are your best options.

5#. Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint set

This is yet another product from the house of Magicfly on our list. This may sound like a broken record, but this is true. These are dependable colors that we have handpicked as we have spray painted our shoes with many colors, but none would last like these few names.

The Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint, 24 Colors Permanent Textile Paint come with brushes and stencils. This sweetens the deal for anyone that wants to get hands-on with their first project. You do not even have to worry about drawing if you do not know how to draw. That takes a load off when you are starting without a doubt.

  • Type Of Paint – This is fabric paint and is certified by ASTM D4236 and EN71. This makes it non-toxic and that in turn means it is safe for use. Both adults and kids can paint with these colors as a result of this.
  • Where To Apply – You can use it for doodling, paint T-shirt, paper, shoes, wall, glass, and plastic. You just need to squeeze, apply, and start painting. Yes, it gives you an array of surfaces to paint on and get creative with your artistic ideas!
  • Quality – This is a multipurpose paint set that dries really fast. You can use these 3D paints to practically decorate anything you like including your shoes. These do not peel or crack at all as they are durable.

Well, this is all that you need to know about the Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint. We wanted you to make an educated decision, which is why we have jotted down all these points here. Go take action and get creative!

What kind of paint to use on shoes?

To be precise, we must tell you that you can use spray paints or leather paints to color leather as well as vinyl shoes. You can make use of fabric paint to draw on canvas or other cloth shoes. If you want to sketch and make that mark, then you may also try paint pens. The pen will lend it finesse and you will end up liking your masterpiece!

How to Spray Paint Shoes?

If you want permanent color, then you must ensure that you follow the rules to spray paint shoes. Like apply in layers, let them dry for an hour or more, and re-apply color again. Allow the final coat to sit for 24 hours as this cures it.

What to put on shoes after painting them?

If you want the color to stay on your shoes, then you must use a sealant. Yes, this is the part that no one tells you. This will trap the color into the shoe and will also make it hard-wearing. Just remember that you give your shoes enough time to dry after you have applied paint then seal it with a glossy, matte, normal, or satin finish.

How do you seal acrylic paint on shoes?

Do not let your art work choke on dust, dirt, and grime from the road. You have painted your shoes, very well. So, it is your duty to protect them, particularly when you use acrylic paints. You must get an acrylic sealant and apply it to the shoe as this will save your art from getting damaged.  

FAQ about Best Spray Paint For Shoes

1#. Can you use Rustoleum spray paint on shoes?

Oh yes, you can certainly use Rust-oleum, which is a long-lasting paint on your shoes. It can practically be used on any surface for painting. These colors can comfortably stay on your shoes and are a fashion-forward statement.
The finish is rather resilient and to your utter surprise, you can use them on other accessories and outdoor furniture too! Isn’t that wonderful?

2#. Will spray paint stay on shoes

There are two answers to this question and they are interrelated. You need to cure your shoes as mentioned above for permanent coloring.
Again, if you haven’t done all that and applied a light coat of paint, then you can use detergent and water to wash it off. Simply apply a mixture of lukewarm water and washing powder to remove the spray paint from your shoes. Just use a soft cotton cloth to rub off the color. Make sure that you do not rub it into the fibers of the cloth, as this may damage it.

3#. Will acrylic paint crack on shoes?

Most people that claim that acrylic paint cracks, especially when it comes to shoes, may have not treated it well. The key to using acrylic color is to paint thin layers. This will not let it crack and you will be able to enjoy brand new pair of shoes.

4#. Which is the Best Spray Paint for Shoes: Ready in a Can or Added to a Spray Gun?

We consider Angelus Leather Paint as the best spray paint for leather shoes. You get 12 colors in this collection that lets you make attractive designs and sport them with élan on your otherwise simple looking shoes.
This is a really durable pack that does not come off at all. We have painted a few shoes and leather wallets, only to find them enduring for years. This is why we say that we speak from experience.

Our Verdict on Best Spray Paint For Shoes

By now, you may have understood that we are a shoe color freak. Okay, time for shameless confession here, we prefer the Magicfly 3D Fabric Paint as the Best spray paint for shoes. It comes with 24 shades that you can play with. Plus, there is a stencil you can use to draw quick patterns, and don’t forget the brushes.

The FolkArt Color can also be a good choice if you are on a budget. It has 10 colors and you can mix and match for more. Man, it cannot get better than this! What do you say?

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