Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for flat feet? [Explained]

Shoes are among the most important things if you want to keep on walking on this planet without dirty feet. And to add comfort to the feet, we can easily say that shoes made of memory foam will make a lot of changes.

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet? Cause wherever this word comes up, it’s always accompanied by words like “low-resilience polyurethane” or “viscoelastic.”

Memory foam is just a substance that can shape itself according to the heat and pressure added to its surface. Air can quickly come and go through the bubble of the foam, creating a matrix-like structure. It’s kind of like a shape-shifting mattress. Whenever heat and pressure are added to the surface of the memory foam, it gets softened. It can reshape back to the original.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for flat feet

What is memory foam exactly?

Memory foam, which was once called “Slow Spring Back Foam,” is a substance similar to a matrix, and it is nowadays handy.

You might not know, but the first memory foam can be dated way back to 1966. It was used for its elastic properties by NASA’s Ames Research Center (ARC).

Using memory foam was very useful to add improvement in the safety of aircraft cushions.

The memory foam is created by inserting gas into a spring-like polymer matrix. Due to having an open-cell solid structure, the foam matches pressure against its surface yet slowly springs back to the shape it was created in the first place.

Are memory foam shoes good?

Shoes made of memory foam seem to be a brilliant idea for athletes and runners.

  • As memory foam tends to shape itself based on heat and pressure, it is no stretch a very comfortable material to make a shoe.
  • Memory foam was used for medical purposes for the ease of the human body. For example, bed mattresses of memory foam were commonly used when the patient was required to lie immobile in their bed.
  • Doing so causes the body pressure to cause sores or gangrene and creates an impaired flow of blood. Mattresses made of memory foam helped in these cases. So we can very indeed say that shoes made of memory foam will be beneficial and comfortable.

Are memory foams good?

Memory foam, a substance made for the comfort of the human body, is good. Memory foam has a particular internal structure of the material, allowing it to derive its viscoelastic properties from several effects.

The heat reforms the foam structure. The effect named the “Network effect” helps the foam restore the original structural shape. The network effect works by generating the deformed porous materials that push outwards to restore the structure against the material’s pressure.

Three pressure effects are working against the mentioned network effect.

  1. Pneumatic Effect
  2. Relaxation Effect
  3. Adhesive Effect

These slow the regeneration of the foam.

  • The pneumatic effect depends on the time of the airflow into the porous structure.
  • The adhesive effect is dependent on the stickiness or adhesion of the surface of the memory foam working against decomposition.
  • The relaxation effect depends on the expansion limit of the memory foam by the pressure applied on its surface. It limits the foam’s mobility, which causes the foam to slow all the expansion and causes all the effects to be gradual right after the pressure is removed or lessened.

The foam is temperature-dependent, and the limit temperature at which a memory foam retains the proper elasticity is limited. Lowering the temperature will cause the foam to harden. Rising the weather will cause the foam to act like ordinary conventional foams, which quickly spring back to its original shape instantly.

Are memory foam shoes good for walking?

Memory foam shoes provide the utmost comfort. While standing, it supports the weight of the body and offers better support.

After all, who doesn’t need a pair of comfortable shoes that supports their feet correctly without causing any pain?

And looking at the mass demand, shoe manufacturers started to create more and more shoes made of memory foam. But not every human body is similar, and comfort lasts for just days or months for some people.

For some people, the pain sets in right after wearing it. The comfort disappears a while after wearing the shoe and the flattening is caused by the feet’ pressure as time goes on.  As time goes it eventually loses the quality, it is admired for in the first place. The first feeling is always good when it comes to memory foam shoes, but ultimately, it is no use or of no comfort when it flattens or has been worn out.

Can Memory Foam Shoes Cause Knee Pain?

No matter how hard we praise memory foam shoes, it is no surprise that all good things have a wrong side. The advantages of a memory foam shoe are dependent on the reliability of the soles. It depends on the usage of the wearer.

Some people consider it a blessing, whereas for others, it is the cause of severe pain and foot issues.

The more the wearer puts pressure on the sole, the more it loses its elasticity. It turns into a regular sole without any added comfort, causing pain and sudden stress in the foot’s sole and dorsum, which can cause referred pain to the knees too. One bad knee pain can result in a lot of other issues.

Which is better: Skechers or Nike?

Skechers Memory Foam Shoes have been at the top of the list for the passing years because of the focus on the quality material of the insoles they use in most of their shoe models. So suffice it to say, Skechers is better than Nike.

Are Skechers memory foam good for running?

Certain brands have started their experiments with the concept of using memory foam for making sneakers. Shoes made of memory foam are excellent choices for people who run daily. It is also favored by people suffering from foot-related issues.

Since memory foam eases the pressure on the foot’s dorsum of balls, it provides great comfort for runners. It also stabilizes the feet and absorbs the shock of the heel while running.

Are memory foam shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Support on the arch of the feet is a significant pointer for the comfort of plantar fasciitis. For that, Experts recommend The Orthofeet branded shoes. They are the best memory foam shoes for plantar fasciitis because of the soft cushion-like feeling they provide on the arch of the feet.

They’re also very classy and comfortable looking.

What shoes do podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

Podiatrists’ recommendations are based on cushioning and rocker soles. The functionality lets the foot sit more profoundly in the midsole, helping instability.

Another recommendation supports the idea of having comfortable lower arches and promoting stability.

Our verdict on Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for flat feet

A shoe made of memory foam is beneficial and can help regular runners and sportsmen. The shoe made of memory foam will adjust its molecular structure according to the wearer’s needs and provide great comfort.

It works as a soft cushion against the whole body’s pressure for the feet and its viscoelastic properties help the feet feel the utmost comfort and less rigidity.

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