Are Giannis Shoes Good? [Brand Overview]

Giannis shoes from Nike have created a buzz in the basketball arena for the last three years. Nike Introduced the Giannis shoes as a budget signature for basketball players and outdoor activists. It has become one of the fastest-selling and most popular Nike shoes ever.

The Giannis series has seen three generations, with the latest being Nike Zoom Freak 3. These shoes are praised for their lightweight feel, responsiveness, and brilliant traction. But are Giannis shoes good in reality?

This is a debating question since many users have complained about its inconsistent support. Also, some said Nike could have used better material. Well, we will unfold these points and compare them with their pricing. It will help find the worthiness of the Giannis shoes. Plus, we will show you three alternatives to Giannis shoes.

Are Giannis Shoes Good

What Is Giannis Shoes?

If you aren’t a shoe freak, you might be misguided that Giannis is a different footwear brand. No, it’s not true. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the name of the footwear series from Nike. The company introduced these budget-friendly basketball shoes for players with a tight budget.

However, the naming of Giannis shoes is surprising. Also, it is an inspiring journey for an incredible basketball player.

Yes, in 2019, Antetokounmpo Gianni became only the 5th NBA player to tie with Nike. Following the tie, Nike introduced their Antetokounmpo Gianni series as one of their signature series after the name of Giannis. The signature line has its Zoom Freak 3 in its lineup now. However, Nike has introduced a much more affordable Giannis shoe, Giannis Immortality.

Currently, four other NBA players have tied with Nike. They also have their signature shoe lineups like Giannis. These basketball players are:

  • LeBron James
  • Kevin Durant
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Paul George

Following the success of the affordable Gannis Immortality shoes, Nike has already introduced to bring the 2nd generation of it. This news has created excitement in both the footwear and basketball industry. So, everyone is waiting for the shoes, which Nike says will be released later this year.

Where Are Giannis Shoes Made?

Nike has already released three signature shoes after their tie-up with Giannis Antetokounmpo. They have also brought the budget-friendly Giannis Immortality shoes to meet everyone’s needs. So, these four shoes have made Giannis a strong contender in the sneakers and basketball shoe market.

Henceforth, many people are interested to know about the manufacturing plants of these shoes. Sadly, Nike didn’t reveal any manufacturing information about their signature Giannis shoes.

Currently, Nike manufactures all of its shoes outside of the USA. Its manufacturing plants are in the following regions.

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

China and Vietnam are the biggest suppliers of Nike shoes. They contribute 36% of Nike shoes each. Indonesia and Thailand manufacture 22% and 6% of Nike shoes, respectively. However, Nike didn’t reveal the manufacturing plant of Giannis shoes.

The Top Five Reasons To Buy Giannis Shoes

Nike, with their partnership with Antetokounmpo Gianni, brought the groundbreaking shoe. It matches Gianni’s agility, speed, and responsiveness on the basketball court. Just like Gianni has won many championships in the NBA arena, the budget-friendly Immortality shoes from him surely are a winning buy for anyone. It doesn’t have takedowns as the cheaper version of the original signature series of other NBA players.

Brilliant traction:

Basketball players know the importance of proper traction and grip on their shoes. It can be life-saving as they will fall dearly without proper grip and get injured frequently. Nike has addressed the issue and ensures superior traction for all the Giannis series shoes.

Nike has used the herringbone traction throughout the outsole of the shoe. Also, it has a quiet operation without any squeakiness. So, you won’t notice any noise as you walk, run and jump on the basketball ground. On top of it, improved traction ensures you don’t fall on the ground. It will help in running faster and scoring better in the game.

The good thing about Giannis is its solid grip and traction without any gimmicks. So, you can depend on its reliability during tricky conditions.

Better support:

Many people choose Gianni’s shoes for their excellent support. Truly, these shoes offer one the industry-leading supports to your feet. You may easily roll your strider with the Giannis shoes. Thankfully, its heel in the midsole has a sharp curve. The curved heel improves the support with the rolling stride. It is useful while you shift your directions speedily on the basketball ground.

The heel strike is a bit tricky, though. You need to be more careful with the heel strike. However, you will soon get used to it. So, you can walk and run freely with the proper heel striking point. There’s nothing much to worry about at all.

Next up, the outrigger addition in the forefoot of these shoes is truly outstanding. It outperforms even the best Nike basketball shoes quite easily. It is an impressive feat considering the price point of Giannis Immortality shoes.

The outrigger will save you from injuries even if you roll your ankle accidentally. It will also boost your confidence during playtime.

Quality materials:

Although some players have complained about the materials, we found Nike Giannis Immortality with good quality material. Also, it’s quite palpable for a basketball shoe pair at around $80.

The upper includes a thin jacquard material. Plus, the high-wear area of the shoe is infused with many overlays to boost its longevity. Its back section has a micro-mesh construction. The mesh provides better ventilation and breathability to keep your feet dry and cool throughout the game.

The backside also has thin synthetic material. We found this as the only downside of the shoe. However, the overall construction will hold your feet comfortably. You don’t need to worry about its longevity.

Comfortable fitting:

Users also hailed the true to size and comfy fitting of the Giannis signature and immortality series. It runs true to size. Also, the toe box is quite roomy enough. So, you won’t find any restrictions on your foot movement.

Nonetheless, we recommend getting half a size small Gianni shoes for people with narrower feet. It will offer the perfect fit.

Affordable pricing:

The most exciting part of the Gianni Immortality shoe is its inexpensiveness. You can easily get a pair of these shoes at $80 or a little more. It is a great feature for players with tight-budget. Also, Nike hasn’t compromised with the shoes’ material, cushioning, and support despite its affordable pricing.

So, you will find it outstanding in terms of performance, longevity, and reliability.

best Giannis Shoes on the market

Nike introduced their signature Gianni’s shoes on 29th June 2019. It was named Nike Zoom Freak 1. Nike decided to continue the series after its positive reviews and acceptance among the top and mid-level basketball players. They have already released three shoe models in the signature section. Plus, for players with a tight budget, they have brought the Immortality series.

  • Nike Zoom Freak 1: It was Nike’s first attempt with Giannis to match his agility, speed, and scoring ability. The shoe became an immediate sensation with its lightweight feel, responsiveness, and brilliant support.
  • Nike Zoom Freak 2:With the Zoom Freak 2, Nike took their Giannis series a step further. It has an impressive design. The basketball shoe has five colors choice for all. It has a ventilated rubber sole and Zoom Air Technology. Plus, the technology reduces foot stress and boosts mobility.
  • Nike Zoom Freak 3: This shoe is the latest addition of Nike in their signature lineup for Giannis. Thanks to its cushioning and support, the shoe got serious appreciation from all users.
  • Nike Giannis Immortality

Alternatives to Giannis Shoes

Undoubtedly, Giannis basketball shoes and sneakers have state-of-the-art technology, support, and performance. Yet, it’s always a good idea to have a few alternatives just in case you need one. So, here’re our top choices for Giannis’ alternatives.

  • Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes: Nike designed the shoe for serious basketball players. Its leather upper has a perforated design for breathability. Also, its timeless cushioning and embroidered Jumpman brand logo on the top make it a super-cherished shoe for all.
  • Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe: Not a fan of Nike, no worries. We suggest you get the Hoops 2.0 shoes from Adidas. The shoe is exclusively made for basketball players with an Eva sockliner and rubber outsole. These two offer brilliant comfort and traction that you will love surely.

FAQ about Are Giannis Shoes Good

Can you wear Giannis Immortality outside?

Yes, you can wear the Giannis shoes outside for walking or running and casual uses. Their support, cushioning, and attractive design make them an ideal choice for many occasions.

Do Giannis shoes have ankle support?

Yes, these hose shoes have outstanding ankle and heel support. Its outrigger improves the stability and support and protects you from rolling the heel.

Our verdict on Are Giannis Shoes Good

Giannis signature and budget-friendly, both shoes are worth the investment. You will get the Giannis Immortality for less than $100. The shoes have nice cushioning, better support than many basketball shoes, and five colors available.

If you want a truly iconic indoor basketball shoe without any takedown, go and grab the Giannis.

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