Are Franco Sarto Shoes Good & Durable? (Discussed!)

Franco Sarto has become a parallel name to fashionable and classic footwear in the American market. The footwear company makes shoes, heels, and sandals for casual, formal, and dress-up looks. Professional, party lovers, and even regular women love the modern design, comfort, and longevity of the Franco Sarto shoes.

But are Franco Sarto shoes good? Is the brand worth the hype among women?

Yes, Franco Sarto manufactures top-quality shoes for women of different classes. Each loafer, heel, flat sandals, and pump resemble the highest-quality craftsmanship with extreme details. The Italian brand has made the brans a premium choice for celebrities and general women alike. Yet, it sells shoes at an affordable cost.

Today we will discuss the manufacturing location, warranty terms, and causes of choosing Franco Sarto footwear. We will also show you the top three Franco Sarto shoes for stylish women and their alternatives.

So, let’s jump into it.

Where Are Franco Sarto Shoes Made?

Franco Sarto is primarily an Italian fashion product and footwear manufacturer. Their footwear market is mainly based in America. However, the brand doesn’t make its shoes in Italy.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Franco Sarto mainly makes shoes in China and Brazil. According to their interview with the designer Franco Sarto, the footwear company does so for cost-cutting. Since production and material cost in Europe is high, they opt for the Chinese and Brazilian plants.

How Does Franco Sarto Shoes Warranty Work?

Franco Sarto has been a luxury and premium footwear brand worldwide. Also, the brand confidently says that its shoes will last for years. Consequently, customers also purchase their shoes, heels, pumps, or loafers insanely.

But what about its warranty or return policy?

Unfortunately, Franco Sarto doesn’t offer any official warranty for their shoes. You can, however, return their unworn shoes within 45 days if you find any defects. Also, you may replace the unworn shoes for size inaccuracy or color change. You will need to buy the shoes at a similar or higher price if you need to replace the Franco Sarto shoes.

Last but not least, the warehouse of the brand will decide if you will get a refund or not. Franco Sarto doesn’t have strict laws about it. It is pathetic considering the greater craftsmanship of the shoe brand and its popularity.

Are Franco Sarto Shoes True To Size?

Franco Sarto shoes mostly run true to size. We have looked on different shoe-selling websites, including Amazon and Zeppo, for customer reviews on Franco Sarto shoes. These customers hailed that these shoes are true to size.

Whether you choose heels, flat sandals, pumps, or loafers from Franco Sarto, you can choose your regular size. You don’t need to size up or down while purchasing these shoes. For instance, if you wear size 7 for regular shoes, choose the similar one from Franco Sarto.

Are Franco Sarto Shoes Good? Top 5 Reasons to Buy One

Franco Sarto is one of the leading fashion brands worldwide. They also have a broader range of footwear products. But should you buy them? Here’re the top five reasons we found worthy of purchasing Franco Sarto shoes.

Quality craftsmanship:

Franco Sarto shoes are famous for their highest-quality craftsmanship and material. It uses premium cushioning, sturdy soles, and hand-stitching in many parts of the shoe. It ensures luxurious artistry and construction to ensure durability and comfort.

On top of it, the footwear company uses synthetic leather in its shoes. The owner says that synthetic leather improves durability without compromising quality and comfort.

Comfort and luxury:

Franco Sarto shoes are hailed for their luxurious product line at reasonable pricing. Besides it, they also provide maximum comfort with each of their shoes, heels, or loafers. They use synthetic leather in many of their shoes.

The company claims that synthetic leather molds perfectly match the shape of human feet and calf. It ensures better comfort. For the summer and spring products, Franco Sarto prefers natural cork for cushioning. It boosts walking comfort with improved support.

Next up, these shoes and sandals have better tread patterns in the outsole. It offers better stability even on the slippery floor for added comfort and confidence.

Modern style:

Women love Franco Sarto shoes for a classic and fashionable look. Also, the shoe brand always keeps pace with the changing styles and trends in the footwear industry. On top of it, Franco Sarto brings some of their iconic styles that you will only find in their showrooms.

For instance, their Bocca series is one of their luxuriously tailored loafers. They tweak its design and material every season, keeping comfort and luxury appearance in mind.

You will find unique embellishment and incredible detailing with each of their footwear. On top of it, their elegant product lines will truly meet the needs of fashionable women.

Wide range of product lines:

 One of the reasons we suggest Franco Sarto shoes for women is their broader product line. Also, these shoes have outstanding detailing and custom tailoring with great craftsmanship. Their broader product line will enable you to find the right footwear for every occasion.

Do you look for luxurious and premium-looking suede leather boots? Or, do you want professional shoes? Franco Sarto is there for you. Also, their craftsmanship and attention to detail will compel people to stop you and appreciate the footwear design.

Value for money:

You will get most of the Franco Sarto shoe models within the $80 to $160 price range. It is great pricing for their shoes of different styles. Plus, the shoes have outstanding longevity, support, and comfort. So, the shoes are truly value for money and worth your investment.

It’s incredible because you rarely find Italian footwear for much lower prices.

best Franco Sarto Shoes on the market

You may be already convinced to purchase a pair of Franco Sarto footwear. Thus, we will put the top three recommendations for you.

Franco Sarto Women’s Clemens Espadrille Wedge Sandal

The silhouette sandal is essentially what every woman needs in their closest. The wedge sandal has a trendy finish with sustainable comfort. Its Eco-conscious lining and extra cushioning offer better support.

Also, the upper has soft leather, and the sole is man-made. Thus, it gets a luxurious look with premium comfort with every step you take.

Franco Sarto Women’s Hadden Flat:

Franco Sarto introduced the Hadden flat loafer series for working women. It comes with a comfy footbed for maximum support. The loafer is made with synthetic leather to mimic your natural foot stretching perfectly. It boosts your comfort and support.

You can choose from a leather upper or glossy finish with a custom-tailored tussle to match your outfit. It won’t disappoint you.

Franco Sarto Women’s Carolynn Loafer Flat

The Carolyn Loafer is also a luxurious loafer for working women. However, you can wear it for parties, casual looks, and business meetings. It is made with a synthetic leather rubber sole for the best comfort. Also, the loafer has a beautiful accent with tailored craftsmanship.

Its almond-top design looks fashionable. It is one of those loafers without which your closet collection is incomplete.

Alternatives To Franco Sarto Shoes

Franco Sarto women shoes are great. Yet, it’s a good idea to keep a pair of alternatives to luxurious shoes. So, here’re the top alternative suggestions.

  • Sam Edelman Women’s Shoes also makes sturdy, comfy, trendy shoes. Their Fall and Winter collections are popular across America and Canada. Also, you can choose from their quirky styles to meet your fashion.
  • Vince Camuto is another popular women’s footwear brand. It has been in the industry for a few decades and is popular for its trendy designs. You can choose from their timeless classic or modern models and enjoy the support.
  • MICHAEL MichaelKors makes some truly affordable shoes. You can choose from their pointed shoes, flat loafers, or sandals. Many of their shoes have a close resemblance to Franco Sarto’s shoes.

FAQ about Are Franco Sarto Shoes Good & Durable

Who is Franco Sarto?

Franco Sarto is an Italian shoe designer. He runs the footwear company under his name. He fled to Chicago from Italy when he was only 14. Later, it established the company in Italy.

Is Franco Sarto a designer brand?

Yes, it is a designer brand named after the designer Franco Sarto himself. His design studio is in Venice. His unique and trendy fashion sense has made Franco Sarto shoes timeless, classic, and popular.

Our verdict on Are Franco Sarto Shoes Good & Durable

Franco Sarto footwear is famous for its design, value, and comfort. Also, its wider product lines and affordability make it a go-to option for many women. The manufacturer shows insane detailing, high-quality craftsmanship, and innovations. It makes their shoes good and one of the best in the footwear industry.

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