Are Brother Sewing Machines Good? (Top 3 Sewing Machines)

Are you having trouble stitching that leather jacket, or has your sewing machine ruined that beautiful organza dress

or your sewing machine interacts with the fabric aggressively and causes thread breakage?

You are looking for a new sewing friend that can do the job while being gentle to the fabric and your pocket? You are lucky because your search ends here.

I have spent months struggling to find myself a sewing machine that can do a variety of stitches, is multi-functional, less noisy, and more productive.

It was a long journey of choosing the best sewing machine that was less pricey and more crafty.

My months-long research will help you choose the best for you in a 10-minute read of this article.

While hunting for a sewing machine, I came to a conclusion that undoubtedly, Brother Sewing Machines are not only suitable but the best option available on the market. What makes it the best are its high-end features and economical rates.

Apart from this, their sturdy metallic body does not break down in less than a decade, so it is a one-time investment.

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Best 3 Brother Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines are the most reliable stitching partners. What I found the most stand-out feature in these machines is that they are equally good and valuable for both beginners and professionals.

An easy-to-learn interface and easy-to-access controls are what beginners need. On the other hand, a variety of stitches and extra features like automatic buttonholer and self-maintenance properties make it a good option for professionals as well.

To make things further easier for you, I have listed below the best three sewing machines. I shortlisted these three machines after going through the specs and prices of hundreds of devices. So you can buy any of these according to your needs.

Brother Sewing Machine CS7000x

This computerized sewing machine is popular for its diverse features and extra attachments. Here you can have a deeper look at its specs.

Quick Features:

  • Computerized LCD
  • Dimensions: 16.26 x 6.65 x 12.21 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds or 6.3 kgs
  • 25-year warranty
  • Soundless

Variety of feet and stitches:

The CS7000x Brother Sewing Machine comes with ten different presser feet.

Below is the list of the feet that come packaged in the box with the sewing machine.

  1. Zigzag foot
  2. Overcasting foot
  3. Buttonhole foot
  4. Button sewing foot
  5. Zipper foot
  6. Blindstitch foot
  7. 1/4″ foot
  8. Monogramming foot:
  9. Walking foot
  10.  Quilting foot

This sewing machine has 70 built-in stitches, allowing you to create different styles and stitches for your stylish masks, your cute little daughter’s doll’s dress, or some handy napkins.

As the machine is computerized with an LCD, stitch selection becomes more effortless.

Here is a picture of all the offered stitches.

My personal favorite is stitch number 44. It is such a unique yet delicate stitch.

Durable Build:

The sewing machine has a metal body that prevents it from breaking down. It allows it to perform heavy-duty tasks without worrying about wear and tear.

This feature makes it reliable and long-lasting. Looking into this feature made me call it a “one-time investment.

Fixed Needle Bar:

The needle bar is the rod that holds the needle in its place. Brother GS7000X has a fixed needle bar that prevents the needle from moving.

This way, the stitching is smooth, and the final product is neater.

Automatic threading and bobbin filling:

Threading a sewing machine has always been challenging for those with weak eyesight and shaky hands.

However, this sewing machine has made things easy by introducing an Automatic Needle Threader which pushes the thread on its own.

The automatic bobbin filling takes only sixty seconds and makes the job easier.

This is my favorite feature of this model because it saves a lot of time and effort.

Extra Attachments:

This Brother Sewing Machine comes with an extended table and free arm. This is one of the major causes of the popularity of this model.

The table is detachable and can only be used when sewing big costumes or curtains or when required.

The extended table makes the job easier as it provides extra workspace.

The free arm makes the hemming of cuffs and pants easier.

Conclusively, I have gathered here all the pros and cons of the machine so that you can have a quick look and finalize your decision.


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Multi-Functional


  • The maximum speed is only 100 stitches per minute
  • Not equally efficient while working with thick fabric
  • It might cause jamming issues while quilting

Brother Sewing Machine GX37

This is the one that I bought for myself because all its features meet my needs and is even cheaper than the CS7000X model of Brother sewing machines.

Have a look at what it has to offer and if you have similar needs like mine, consider buying this one.

Quick Features:

  • Dimensions : 16.26 x 12.48 x 7.01 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds or 6.9 kgs
  • It comes with an instructional DVD
  • Noise-free
  • Offers diversity in stitches


Traditional machines offer a very low spm that is stitched per minute. The fundamental cause of me buying this GX37 Brother Sewing Machine is its fast pace.

This model causes 850 stitches per minute. My essential requirement was to get my work done in a short amount of time, and this sewing buddy did the job for me.

Variety of stitches:

Unlike CS7000x, this model offers only 37 different stitches, almost half of those provided by the former. However, 37 various stitches are more than enough for both beginners and experts.

I chose GX37 for myself because basic eight stitches can do the job for me and probably for anyone else as well.

Many stitches allow you to create different styles, but the same kinds can also be achieved by alternating the basic stitches.

The extra stitches add unnecessary cost, so here is a tip if you want to save that extra money, look for the features that you need only.

Additional attachments:

The Brother Sewing Machine GX37 also comes with a free arm attachment.

To fix this arm, it is required to remove the detachable accessory tray. This free-arm makes the stitching of cuffs and jeans and hemming a lot easier.

Versatile Nature:

This sewing machine is an all-in-one sewing robot. Its free-arm, 37 built-in stitches, six presser feet, automatic needle threader, and drop-in top bobbin make it a compact product.

Hence, it is suitable for sewing and quilting—a great pick for beginners and professionals.

Below here, all the pros and cons of Brother Sewing Machine GX37.


  • Affordable
  • High stitches per minute rate
  • It offers several different stitches


  • Uneven thread tension
  • High maintenance

Brother HC 1850 Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a highly expert versatile sewing machine that is good for both sewing and quilting, then Brother HC 1850 sewing machine is the exceptional choice for you.

Quick features:

  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 12.5 x 15.2 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds or 4.71 kgs
  • Eight one-step buttonholes
  • 185 sewing stitches
  • LCD screen


The Brother HC1850 sewing machine is a computerized sewing robot. It has a small LCD that makes the selection of stitches easier.

You have to select the stitch using the buttons on the machine, and it will be displayed on the LCD.

The machine gives another option for its user to use the slider for adjusting the stitching speed.

However, the same purpose can be achieved by using the foot pedal.

185 built-in stitches:

The 185 built-in stitches make the sewing and quilting easier, providing you with various stitch functions. They include eight different kinds of automatic buttonholes and a full lettering font.

It also allows you to do basic monogramming.

On the front of the sewing machine, a flip chart makes the selection of stitches easier.

My favorite feature in this sewing machine is that it recommends which presser foot will go with the selected stitch to the user. You can also set the length and width of the stitch.

Extra attachments:

One of the reasons for the Brother HC1850 sewing machine to be the best seller is that you don’t have to buy extra accessories. It comes with all the needed tools.

In the box, you will find the below-mentioned tools, other than the sewing unit:

  • Foot pedal
  • Presser feet
  • A large size detachable table
  • Three needle set, twin needle, three bobbins, three spool caps, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, seam ripper, and screwdriver
  • A pouch to store all the accessories
  • Instructional manual and a DVD

Bells and whistles:

This model of Brother sewing machines has a lot of bells and whistles about which people have been talking lately.

The machine has all the features that make it a versatile choice.

The most time-saving feature is the quick-set bobbin. Just put in the bobbin and pass the thread through the slit, and that is it.

The thing I love about Brother HC 1850 is the lit work area. There is a small light present near the needle bar. It makes sewing very convenient for people with weak eyesight like me. Brother HC 1850 already made me it’s admirer when I got to know about this feature.

The automatic needle threader is yet another addition to all other unique features. All you need to do is shift the lever, and the automatic threader will do the rest of the job on its own. It swiftly pushes the thread through the needle hole, and you can start sewing.


  • Versatile nature
  • Compact product
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Additional features for advanced sewers


  • It might be costly for some

How to find the best sewing machine for you?

Finding the best sewing machine for yourself can be quite a struggle like I had to do. Here is a pro tip, before heading out to find the best sewing machine, first analyze your needs.

Once you know what you need, all you need to do is look at the sewing machines’ specs and choose the one that matches your needs. This way, you will not have to pay extra for those unwanted features.

Which is better, Singer or Brothers sewing machine?

Singer and Brother both are the most well-known sewing machines brands. They both make the best seller machines.

Singer sewing machines are heavy-duty and used by professionals. They are used in the garments industry majorly.

On the other hand, Brother sewing machines are used by both beginners and advanced sewers. They are more known for their versatility as a single machine can fulfill the purpose of sewing, quilting, and embroidering.

In my opinion, Brother Sewing Machines are better than the Singer Sewing Machines because they are more versatile and can do the job without costing you a fortune.

Which is the best sewing machine for beginners?

I would recommend beginners to use the Brother XR3774 sewing machine. This machine has all the essential features a beginner would need. It is easy to learn and easy to use.

With 37 built-in stitches, the machine can fulfill the purpose of both sewing and quilting.

What Type of Sewing Machine is Best for Quilting?

The best sewing machine for quilting is the Brother PQ1500SL sewing machine. It works like a heavy-duty industrial machine.

It comes with all the needed accessories and attachments, from an extra-large table to sewing feet and knee-lifter. It quilts with perfection with a lightning-fast pace of 1500 stitches per minute.

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FAQ about Are Brother Sewing Machines Goo

1. How long does a brother sewing machine last?

The lifespan of a sewing machine depends on several factors. The two of the most important ones are

  • Model of the machine
  • Maintenance

I did a lot of research to find an exact answer to this question.

My mother’s last brother’s machine lasted 18 years because she used to follow a proper maintenance routine.

However, another one only worked efficiently for eight years.

After all the analysis, I concluded that most brother sewing machines last for as little as 8 to 10 years and as much as 25 years. If your machine is computerized, there is a higher chance that you might need to send it for repair after every 2 to 3 years.

Cleaning and lubricating your machine on a daily basis will improve its longevity. The formula is quite simple; the more you care, the longer your sewing partner will last.

2. Which brand of sewing machine is the best?

It has been years since I have been sewing. I have found no brand better than Brother when it comes to sewing machines.

Not only are their machines reliable and affordable, but their customer service is commendable.

They offer a 25 year-long warranty for most of their machines. Furthermore, Brother makes things easier for their clients by providing technical support for the life of the appliance.

3. Why are sewing machines so expensive?

The cost of sewing machines varies from 100$ to as much as 9000$. The prices depend on the features that a particular device has to offer.

The cheapest machines are the ones that have the old traditional mechanical system of knobs and wheels.

However, during this machine hunt, I got to know that some brands are making fancy machines that are cheap. But less cost means less quality, and it affects its longevity.

The most expensive ones are the modern electrical computerized machines which are all-in-one gadgets.

In addition to sewing, they allow its user to do quilting and embroidery as well.

Modern technology and high-end features are what make these sewing machines expensive.

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